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After a website is built, the next most important step is to reach out to potential customers. SEO & Marketing is one such important aspects for a website. You can reach out to unknown audiences across the globe if effective SEO & Marketing Strategies are used for a website. If you don't have effective SEO & Marketing strategies, you might be left behind by your competitors even if your services are top notch!

In this fast growing competitive world, businesses today are finding superlative ways to stengthen their digital presence. At Ishi Technolabs, we don't only build your website. But we also help you with SEO & Marketing Services which helps you get listed on the First Page Results when searched on google. This helps you stay one step ahead from your competitors in terms of reaching out to the customers. We've been into this business since a long time now, which helps us a leading service provider for SEO & Marketing Services.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is mainly about making timely and correct modifications to your website/web-page to increase its traffic. It is about increasing the quantity and quality of your content which affects the visibility of your web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. It is often referred to as the “organic result” or “natural result.” Through SEO you may take different approaches to increase your rank on the search engine result page (SERP). This may include local search, image search, video search, etc. Ultimately if the web page appears more frequently in the SERP then it will get you more traffic.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a strategy of sending commercial messages to the prospects and customers of the business. The main motive is to engage the prospective group of people and convert them into customers. The biggest advantage of this approach is that it can be fully automated. Email marketing can help you to create a sequence of your campaign to engage your target audience. You can later check and analyze each and every method or step of your campaign to judge the best possible sequence which allows you to convert your prospects into customers.


Pay Per Click

Pay per click usually known as PPC. It is a part of internet marketing. The name gives you the idea. Pay per click, so this is an approach where you can get a faster response as you pay for your ads to show up on the top page of a SERP. Although you pay per click, meaning you will have to pay for every click on your ad. This is a way to earn your visitors. You are required to bid for your ads to be placed on the search engine and it is linked with the keyword that is related to your service. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms to get or increase your visitors.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most popular forms of marketing in the modern days. One could even say it has one of the biggest potentials to give a boost to your product in the market. Using social media networks you can communicate with your target audience and engage them and convince them to use your products or services. You can run paid ads on social media networks to have a greater chance to showcase your product/service across the world. You can create a big presence of your web page on social media and gradually increase sales and build your brand. We will help you develop your strategies, create effective content, and choose the best possible approach to market your product/service.


Online Presence Analysis

Having an online presence of your business is becoming more and more important every day. Your online presence can be created or improved when your creativity and your knowledge come together to form something unique and engaging. The website’s design, content, and functions are very important to be in sync. We will help you analyze your website and to recognize the strengths and weaknesses and ultimately improve your performance online and give your website a competitive edge over your competitors.

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